Adamanda's Ixion@Cadwell.1997 Page

T-shirt logo Some pictures from the Ixion mailing list's first ever track day at Cadwell Park on June 18th 1997.

The event was wholly, generously and brilliantly organised by Man-of-the-match Russell Brown, allowing 90 Ixies to enjoy a full day on Cadwell short circuit for the measly sum of £45 including an event t-shirt for all participants, and a £1200 donation to the FEM, and we still have £150 in the kitty for next year.

Makes you wonder about the outfits that charge £65-£75 for a lesser day, doesn't it?

Doc Sarah's got some more photies at her place, and so has Malcolm Jackson.

We did a video of the event too.

Guess What! Ixion@Cadwell.1998 was even bigger and better, because it was a two-day event (for just £90).

Chris Webb shows how it's done at Mansfield

Chris Webb shows how it's done at Mansfield Chris should've got "rider of the day" in my opinion, but the marshalls thought he was too good! As it was he got SQUID of the day in recognition of his wheely and overtaking antics while out with the "touring" group in the first session.

Adam leads at Charlies :-)

Adam leads at Charlies :-) In fact this is on the first lap of the last session and I started at the front, so it's not so impressive :-) The second bike's dunno-who on a ZZR1100, the third is Dave Lippett on his Fireblade (still intact after his first-session crash at Mansfield) and the fourth is Simon Milward of the FEM on a borrowed Buell. Simon was awarded "Rider of the day", and he could certainly make that thing move.

Amanda heads for Coppice

Amanda heads for Coppice This was Amanda's first trackday. She was very nervous and chose to go in the slowest group, which might have been a bad decision, as it's the group where people have the least clue about riding on the track!

Consequently, she found loads of people overtaking her in dodgy ways and was reduced to quivery jelly by early afternoon. But since this was a well-organised trackday-type learning experience scenario, help was at hand: Russell followed her round and was able to provide some protection to her rear (fnarr) and some constructive advice. She still rides in the slow group but rides more confidently and predictably, which gives other riders an opportunity to overtake her nicely.

One important breakthrough for Amanda was to ignore the turn-in and exit cones, which only really work if you're going flat-out. At Amanda's restrained pace they made the corner far too big and upset her lines.

Sol at Mansfield

Sol at Mansfield Dig that groovy knee-in style. Keeping your knee in like this is very important at high lean angles. Or something.

Sol models the Ixion smiley sticker on his screen, and sports the World's Untidiest Headlight Tape.

Adam heads for the hairpin

Adam heads for the hairpin I shared the 600 with Amanda because I'd stupidly crashed the ZXR on a ride just three days before. I had some uncomfortable swellings in my nether regions and prudence dictated I should ride in the middle group and make absolutely sure of not falling off. I still had loads of fun though, and didn't miss playing with the big boys a bit.

I was also able to hand the bike over to Amanda with pre-warmed tyres, although the brakes were pre-warmed too which was less of an advantage!